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Bafo Technologies was founded in 1982 in Taiwan Province, and is one of the first large-scale production companies of communication cables in Asia. Bafo started with the initial product concept and with a view to meeting customersrequirements, through engineering research and design, combined with the United States, Taiwan and China's software and hardware product development team, OEM manufacturers' cooperation, to computer peripheral accessories as the product orientation, after years of development, our business has spread all over the world. Bafo Technologies is headquartered in Taipei, with several branches separately in Hong Kong, Huizhou, New Jersey and California. Bafo Technologies is one of the world's leading OEMs and private brand manufacturers with the most complete product line and the best quality and service in the cable and computer accessories industry.

Bafo products have been widely recognized by many world-renown companies, including Google, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Belkin, Intel, IBM, Asus, Schneider, Engie, and so on.

The ratio of sales of Bafo's own brand have accounted for more than half of the company's total, and Bafo has a relatively large market share in the United States, Indonesia, India, Australia and African countries.

Bafo has a strong team of engineers, quality inspection, production, and has Followed the world's best standards to control the development and production of all kinds of products. Bafo products have obtained various international certifications, such as HDMI, USB, VESA, CSA etc., and cooperation factories have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and other enterprise certifications. At present, the company's competitive products include copper core communication cable, energy cable, optical fiber cable, extender, splitter, hub, docking etc., Bafo is well known in the industry for its fast product development speed and professional standards.

Our Advantages
Production Capacity
40 years of production experience Large-scale, diversified production capacity
Research and
Development Ability
Committed to the development and improvement of own brand
Professional OEM/ODM project team

Quality Control
High quality and strict management In line with international industry standards
Trade Capacity
Agent sales in many countries
Provide products and services for many international famous brands

Premium Services
Provide solutions quickly Respond quickly to different customer needs
Choose us
If you are a distributor of cable products or other communication electronic accessories, BAFO brand will bring you a full range of technical support, product quality assurance and competitive factory prices to help you open market access and achieve high profit.

Manufacturing Factory
Manufacturers of UHD devices, audio and video solutions can use BAFO products to provide a complete solution, as it is most compatible with their products.
Terminal Customers
Diversified, multi-category, multi-functional cable and computer peripheral products, for users to solve the connection problems of various terminal products, to bring users a full range of visual feast and incomparable user experience.